Time Bomb Escape Room

Published: 12/27/2017, Updated: 6/11/2021

You are stuck in a room with one task: defuse the bomb before it's too late. Find clues and solve puzzles in your room before time runs out to win!

Stuck on a part of the level? Collect yellow crystals hidden throughout the rooms. They will let you unlock hints to solve the puzzle you're on!


The first escape room game that I made. After visiting several escape rooms in my town I was inspired to create my very own with Blocksmith. It has two rooms, each one packed with puzzles. I started with the first room, adding curious objects connecting with each other. Some objects in the rooms have more uses than one. I figured that a bomb timer would be the easiest way to give the player an objective, which I suppose makes it more of a puzzle room than an escape room.

During playtesting, some people got stuck on certain steps and didn't know where to continue. I wanted everyone to be able to solve the escape room, so I decided to add an optional hint grabber system. I hid small yellow crystals around the map that players could collect. If the player gets 3 crystals, they can spend them on a new hint. It guesses which puzzle the player is trying to solve, and gives a hint accordingly.

I have also made two other escape rooms; a Christmas themed one, and a Space themed one.

Playtime is 5 minutes, or less if you're quick enough.

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