Treasure Island Example Game

Published: 11/16/2021

Can you find the buried treasure?! Some mathematical pirates have hidden their treasure somewhere on the island. Their "treasure map" only shows two coordinate positions! Can you use that info, and a location map of your own, to find their secret stash?

And why stop at one treasure? After each treasure you find, the pirates' treasure map will magically update to show the location of a new buried treasure! Who knows how many treasures this island truly holds?

This game is made almost exclusively using JavaScript and text objects. Both "maps" the player uses are coded in JavaScript to show either the treasure's coordinate position, or the player's coordinate position. By comparing these values, and wandering around a bit, you can pin down the location of all of the treasures!

Want to make your own version of this game? Check out the JavaScript Quest to make this game and more!

Based on: Treasure Island Template


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